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Free for Halloween

Now through Halloween – free downloadable short story (in pdf) available exclusively through my website! Creepy but not too scary, in the tradition of campfire stories. This story was originally written for the 2014 version of ‘Of Words And Water’, the annual charity anthology.

Click here to go to the website: kakrisko.com

Book Review: Village of the Dead

Village of the Dead Book Cover Village of the Dead
Secret Souls
Jacob Stanley

Well, this was one of those books I should probably not have read directly before going to bed! In the best tradition of horror, much of the creepiness is not overt - it’s just a feeling you get. A feeling like something is about to go very wrong, but you’re not sure what.

This is the first of what is apparently a novella series, and here we’re introduced to a land that’s fallen out of time and space, in which dwell Stephen-King-like characters issuing vague threats. It’s well-written, easy to read, and fun, in a disturbing sort of way. The main characters are relatable and distinct, and there’s a suggestion of mystery and more to come.

Definitely recommended for horror aficionados and fans of the off-beat.

Oh, and watch out for the cats!

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