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10 Serial Installments up & running!

The first ten installments of ‘A Stolenworld Serial’ – based on the ‘Stolen’ trilogy, but divided into novella-sized segments – are up & running, Kindle only. 24,000 – 31,000 words per book, for those who prefer reading their fantasy in bite-sized chunks. Best spot to get all the links is to go to my website and go to the Stolenworld Serial page – link below!

Stolenworld Serial Page on

OR visit Stolenworld, the website, the location of all things Stolenworld – maps, documents, gifs, trailers, and art, including some NEW art:


Here’s one of the covers:

‘The Twisted Trees’ cover


Congratulations to the 10 winners of the Stolen/Crypt of souls Giveaway on Goodreads! Your books are in the mail!

Crypt Cover 600

Cover of Stolen

New Fantasy paperback giveaway!

August 5 (midnight) – September 5 (midnight), 2016:

This giveaway includes the first TWO volumes of the ‘Stolen’ fantasy series (both published by Malachite Quills/Chimera Tales) PLUS the ‘Companion’ booklet, which features maps, documents, family trees, word origins, philosophy and religion, extra history, and more! All three signed by author.

You’ve got a whole month to enter – don’t forget! Follow THIS LINK to the giveaway.

Note: these two volumes are first editions, no longer in print. They include original cover art by Andrae Harrison.

Cover of Stolen

Cover of ‘Stolen’ – first edition

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