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The Snow Deer – new cover!

I’ve never been particularly happy with the cover for The Deer and Other Stories. Sure, it’s a nice picture of sunset with moonrise over the Vermillion Cliffs, but it doesn’t have a lot to do with the stories inside, nor with the title. So now, here’s a cover that relates more closely to the title story – original art by Viper Cider.

Cover of book The Snow Deer


Congratulations to the 10 winners of the Stolen/Crypt of souls Giveaway on Goodreads! Your books are in the mail!

Crypt Cover 600

Cover of Stolen

New Fantasy paperback giveaway!

August 5 (midnight) – September 5 (midnight), 2016:

This giveaway includes the first TWO volumes of the ‘Stolen’ fantasy series (both published by Malachite Quills/Chimera Tales) PLUS the ‘Companion’ booklet, which features maps, documents, family trees, word origins, philosophy and religion, extra history, and more! All three signed by author.

You’ve got a whole month to enter – don’t forget! Follow THIS LINK to the giveaway.

Note: these two volumes are first editions, no longer in print. They include original cover art by Andrae Harrison.

Cover of Stolen

Cover of ‘Stolen’ – first edition

Goodreads Giveaway: Cornerstone: Raising Rook

Five copies of the paperback version of Cornerstone: Raising Rook (Book ONE in the series) will be available for giveaway at the link below starting May 15 and ending May 31.

Cornerstone Giveaway

You’ll need to be a Goodreads member or sign up (free). The giveaway is in anticipation of the release of the second book in the series, Cornerstone: The Delving, on May 25th. In addition, there’ll be a Kindle Countdown sale starting the 25th and ending the 31st if you’d prefer the ebook version of Raising Rook – starting at just .99!

The Cornerstone books are modern fantasy fiction, geared for adults but suitable for teens and up, featuring a unique set of circumstances and characters. Reviewers appreciate the fresh ideas and approach. See the description on the book page, and get your name in soon!

Raising Rook book cover

Raising Rook book cover

Old Firehouse Books logo

Old Firehouse Books

If you’re in Colorado, please consider patronizing the brick-and-mortar bookstore Old Firehouse Books, which is carrying several of my paperbacks (Cornerstone, AFTERThought, The Snow Deer, and the first book of the Stolen series). It’s a cute, old-fashioned book and card store in a historic building, and they support local and Indie authors! Click the logo below to visit their site! More later on getting your paperbacks into stores…

Old Firehouse Books logo

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